Tanaav Web Series Sonyliv Review, Cast And Season 2 Release Date?

 Tanaav Web Series Review And Season 2 Release Date?

Today we are talking about the BEST HINDI WEB SERIES ON SONY LIV Tanaav web series review and season 2. First, let us talk about Season 1 as it is still going on and its full episodes have not come yet. This series is based on the work done about terrorism going on inside Kashmir. Which our arm forces do.


Tanaav Web Series Season 1 

It is directed by Sachin Krishna and Sudhir Mishra who are experts in making such stories. This series has everything that takes your patriotism to another level. It has thrill, drama, and action. Which makes it a powerful Hindi web series.

Best Hindi Web Series On Sony Liv Tanaav web series season 1 review

The story begins with a beautiful Kashmir scene. Mir Saab is shown who asks the professor about his daughter's health. And they speak of you in Asif's marriage. After that, it is shown that some people pick up the professor. Later it is shown that those people are the people of Arm Forces. Which works on stopping terrorist activities. They come to know that a dangerous terrorist is alive and he is about to do something big. And they all follow him, among whom is a man named Kabir who is leading the group. And he has caught that terrorist before as well. Similarly, the story progresses further as well as the web series has been made in such a way that the viewer does not even get up from his seat. Also, the acting done by the cast is equally commendable. The performance of Kabir Farooqui by Manav Vij was done so powerfully that you will become a fan of Manav Vij. Artists like Manav Vij have taken over Hindi cinema. And in the Hindi web series also, Manav Vij has given more than one good performance.

IMDB Rating  - 6.3/10

Also, Arbaaz Khan's character is small but good. But the work Shashank Arora does is praiseworthy, he has achieved his feat in a short span of time.

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The rest of the cast have also done their best, their names are below.

Tanaav Series Sony Liv Cast

  • Manav Vij - Kabir Farooqui
  • Arbaaz Khan - Vikrant Rathore
  • Shashank Arora - Hunaid Alam Shaikh
  • Sukhmani Sadna - Nusrat Farooqui
  • Bhagyashri Chau... -- Ruchi
  • Ivana Kaur - Kabir's daughter
  • Mir Sarwar - Idris Lone
  • Neha Ranjan --
  • lonely call
  • princess hooren
  • Tarun Khem
  • Adil Pala
  • Mushtaq Q
  • Manan Chaturvedi

Breathe into the shadows season 2 

Story Of Tanaav Season 2

Tanaav Series Ke Sabhi Episode Aagaye hai aap jake dekh sakte hai. or Tanaav season 2 ka intjar hai to is post ko padhe.

There is a lot to see in this also, whose information we will keep giving you. Talking about Tanaav Season 2, its plot has also been written by the writers and efforts are being made to make it a big series.


Tanaav Season 2 Release Date

The producer of the Tanaav web series has not said anything about this yet but it seems that it can be released in the next year July - 2023.

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