Rasbhari season 2 Release date, cast, trailer

Rasbhari season 2 Release date, cast, trailer 

Rasbhari Season 2
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is a web series. Which is already released on Amazon Prime Pay. This web series is 18+ series. In Swara Bhaskar played the lead role.


The story revolves around a teacher named Sanu (Swara Bhaskar) who comes to Meerut with her husband. Sanu is a sensual woman with another form who calls herself Rasbhari. Which forces all the men of the city to be attracted to him. In this story, there is also a boy named Nanda (Ayushmaan Saxena) who is trying to end his virginity

He meets Sanu when Sanu comes to teach him English. At that point, he goes crazy after her. This story is like a rollercoaster in which the thrill comes to you and when the thrill will surround you when you like this story even more.

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Rasbhari season 2 cast

  • Swara Bhaskar
  • Ayushmaan Saxena
  • Neelu Kohli

Rasbhari Season 2 Story

The first phase of this series will connect you to it completely. The way Swara Bhaskar has acted in this, he will pull you even more for this role.

In Rasbhari season 2, the same story will be extended even further and is depicted in a college. And it is also made from the perspective of youth. In this, the time of Nand's college is told.

Rasbhari Season 2 Release Date

Rasbhari season 2 is expected to come soon as its first season has been well-liked by the people, so it can be speculated that its makers may bring it soon.

People are eagerly waiting for Rasbhari season 2 as well as the actions of Swara Bhaskar. It is likely to be released later this year.

Rasbhari Season 2 Trailer

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