2 best upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime which people are waiting for.

2 best upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime which people are waiting for. 

Friends, I am going to talk to you about the best Upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime. Seeing them will be a different experience for you. And most of you have already seen that.

Still, I want to talk with you about them once. It is my passion to watch web series or movies, so I love writing about them.

Today I will talk about those 2 best Hindi web series on Amazon Prime which will make you force yourself to crave for their next part. That's why two seasons of all those web series have come. People have so much love for them and the madness of seeing them so much that even the heroes of big movies do not want to release their films with these web series.

This list is made by my choice and people's choice, if you do not like it, then write in the comment.

1. Mirzapur

By the way, the 2 web series I am talking about are both in the same place. And whenever web series are mentioned in India, they will be at the top. There is also a Mirzapur, which you cannot get out of people's hearts.

This series based on hostility, murder, and love will make you so compelled to forget films and start loving it. This web series reduced the level of Indian films in front of him. Like Pankaj Tripathi's character, Ali Faizal's smile and Divyendu Sharma's flirtatious style add to the whole story.

Apart from this, actors like Vikrant Messi who can make people crazy with their simplicity. When such actors play the best character of their life in a single story, which is enough to change their life. When you see something you see.

I can say this much that when people have not lost their love even after waiting for two years after watching the first season, then you can guess that this is one of the best Hindi web series.

Its first season was released on 16 November 2018 and the second season would be released on 23 October 2020. You can see it on Amazon Prime.

Best upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime

2. the family man

When an artist whose acting is his biggest magic, people will wait like a madman to see him in a 2-hour film and if he gets to see them in a 10-hour series, then that series will become such a success. Together, when the story has power, nothing can stop it from becoming the best. Something similar happened to the family man.

A great actor like Manoj Bajpai, who gives a spunk of comedy with Series together and spreads his acting to people, it would have been fun to watch.

I will not tell much about the story but I can tell that it has been searched the most on Google. From this, you can guess that this one is also one of the best Hindi web series.

In this story, Manoj Bajpai is a secret officer who hides his reality between the country and his family. And takes some tuff calls.

Its first season is available on Amazon Prime. And the second season will come soon, we will give you the information.

Best upcoming Hindi web series on Amazon Prime

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