Sadak 2 Review | Biggest Bollywood flop Movie 2020!

Sadak 2 Review | Biggest Bollywood flop Movie 2020!

You guys are wondering why Sadak 2 is this year's flop movie. If you do not know, read it carefully. You will get answers to all the questions.

Story of Sadak 2

If you know what kind of producer Mahesh Batt is, then you must have understood. The movie will be Casey. But still, we tell. In this story, there is a Purani drama from which people are bored now. Alia a girl who wants to live her life with her lover. But his parents are trapped in the superstition of a canoe baba. And according to her, they take away Aaliya from her lover.

In this story, Aditya Roy Kapur's character only seemed to be Alia's lover, but his character did not get much stronger. The entire center was on Aaliyah. There is another character in this movie who could have become special but the director did not make it. If the character of Sanju Baba were made the main in the movie, then this movie would have been something else today but no one who happens is for good.

Sanju Baba is sad to remember his past in this movie. And lets Alia and Aditya together.

From my point of view, this movie is somewhat similar to PK movie. The only difference is that a little too much drama has been put into it.

Sadak 2 Review | Biggest bollywood flop movie 2020

Now talk about whether you should see Sadak 2 or not.

  • Sadak 2 is the biggest flop of 2020 as a whole. There is no one in it.
  • Its story is making people bored.
  • Its first phase was quite good and people did not give much importance to Nepotism at that time.
  • The fans of Sanju Baba will be sad.
  • The rest is your wish.

Where to see Sadak 2

If you have Hotstar then you can watch Sadak 2 or else you wait and soon it will be released on Star Channels.

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