9 Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar to watch In 2020

9 Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar to watch in 2020

Here is the list of Best Hindi web series on Hotstar. Just as Netflix and Amazon Prime are large OTT platforms, Hotstar is also an important platform. Where one to one web series is available.
We have brought a list of some such series that you will also enjoy watching. And your day will be made.

1. AARYA - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

Aarya is an upcoming crime drama series published by Hotstar which will start on 19 June 2020. It has Sushmita Sen in the lead role, if you remember her acting then you must see it. This is not only Hotstar but also the latest in the Hindi web series, so I too am waiting for it.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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2. HUNDRED - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

Best series of the current time, they have 6 episodes that are mean you can complete series without getting irritated to complete it. Lara and Rinku were best in their roles. a fast-moving story that will keep you engage and you will not lose interest. full of drama, comedy and Lil suspense and thriller. I will recommend everyone to watch it only if you like Bollywood masala. eagerly waiting for Hundred season 2.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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3. SPECIAL OPS - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar 

Special ops by Neeraj Pandey. I would like to recommend this to everyone. It is one of the best web series. It kept me glued to it from the beginning. The story is gripping, acting is top class and every episode brings in more suspense and thrill. I liked it more as compared to The family man. 

The simple acting of K.K.Menon amazed me. Karan as Farooq Ali really impressed me and it was shocking to see him working this beautiful as we have seen him mostly doing anchoring for reality shows.

The story revolves around the study of the pattern of terror attacks and a disguised mastermind behind all these. It doesn't focus on specific events as it appears from the trailer but is about the assertiveness of an officer on his investigation which others reject considering a theory.

All the episodes are so related to each other which leaves a spark at the end of each episode and apparently cling you throughout the season. The whole team has given a remarkable performance which highlights the efforts the whole caste has put on.
we all waiting for Special ops season 2.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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4. OUT OF LOVE - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

It’s an ordinary story of an ordinary couple but conveyed in an extraordinary style. Rasika has done wonderfully well. Her facial muscles and eyes can deliver more than her spoken dialogues. In fact, all characters are played excellently by excellent actors.
Crisp direction and editing make you glued to your TV screen. The End leaves you wondering, Must watch.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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5. CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

Well, this was the first Crime Thriller Web Series which I witnessed having some really intricate instances which are enough to play with your mind completely. The plot is being quite flawlessly written where at the end of each webisode, a new door of clues opens and you get your gut feeling going for the next webisode
The story revolves around an MBA student who also drives the family cab part-time. One night he picks up a girl who was very frustrated and he had to bear with her tantrums which eventually made him miss a party. Gradually they become very close to each other. After waking up in the middle of the night at the girl's house, he found that the girl has been murdered and he has no recollection of the past events. 
He is found guilty of murder and ends up in jail where with the passage of time he becomes accustomed to life in prison and other prisoners. The series shows the brutal life in prison and the politics that are being played within. It also delivers a strong message about the country's legal system that how much one has to go through, literally hell even if he/she is innocent. 
The climax also displays some vital clues and motives related to the murder that will make your jaw drop. The series has 10 episodes which are near about 40-60 mins long each. The acting of the main and supporting actors is really promising. The direction is also a thing to commend which has depicted a Foreign Novel on screen quite nicely.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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6. HOSTAGES - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar 

Hostage is an Indian version of the Israeli and American series of the same name. Although it is a remake, I was quite impressed by it. Especially the climax. The climax becomes extremely dramatic as the stakes become undoubtedly high in the end. Good performances by all the actors. I would give it thumbs–up overall.

Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar
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7. CITY OF DREAMS - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

The heart-thumping introduction music is enough to mesmerize you and urge you to watch the series. What an amazing script, and the cast. The brother-sister relationship rightly showcased. They fight for power, yet they don't hurt each other until they question her feminity. The perfect picturization of a close-knit political family that falls apart due to conventional thinking. And how can you forget Ejaz khan, his performance is captivating and provoking. A must watch web series that leaves you craving for more!
we all waiting for the city of dreams season 2. 

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8. THE OFFICE - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar 

If you’re bored and need something to watch I recommend you watch the well put together TBS series, The Office. This is a comedic show that the nation has grown to love. The series is a fictional documentary that follows around workers in a paper sales business called, Dunder Mifflin. In the show the characters are meticulously planned out; you can tell that the creators worked hard on making the characters of the show seem realistic. 
Anyone who watches will have at least one character that they can fully relate to; although, you can relate to all the characters at one point or another during the series. Steve Carell, who plays the manager of Dunder Mifflin, bares all with tons of inappropriate jokes that he adds his own twist to. The best performance is by Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute in the series. Wilson’s character is undeniably funny without trying; 
he is the life of the show. His comebacks in arguments with characters such as Jim are always witty. The creators successfully created opportunities for Wilson’s character to shine with his witt by engaging him in almost all interactions done in the series. You will enjoy watching characters prank each other such as Jim and Dwight. Throughout the show, you’ll laugh with the characters and even cry with them. 
Although I should warn you, The Office has addicting qualities; I’ve seen the series almost 3 times myself. Compared to other shows such as Big Mouth, which don’t get me wrong is a good show, I think The Office is just better at portraying raw humor. I say if you’re looking for a good laugh I definitely recommend you to watch The Office.

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9. ROAR OF THE LION - Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

Web series totally based on CSK and its mad fans. Nice directed series and well written, defining the term VICTORY! Showing us how to win in a tough period too. They won that match and trophy after passing so many hurdles that show the dedication of the team and inspire millions.
CSK fans, please watch.

best hindi web series on hotstar
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