20 best Hindi web series on Zee5 in 2020

Best Hindi Web Series on Zee5 in 2020 

The best Hindi web series on Zee5 list is given below, in which you will get complete information and your work will be easy.

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1. Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

ALT Balaji along with Zee5 has brought this light-hearted slice of life drama. As soon as we hear ALT Balaji in place, we expect a lot of sexual innuendos and cliche storyline but this time you are in for surprise. This series does have enough charm with the leads Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal acing their character to perfection. These 12 episodes run series has an amazing visual treat and especially when they show food being served which can make you run to the nearest restaurants to try cuisines. The cinematographer has done a commendable job in portraying the frames beautifully for a small screen.

The story is about chefs who are ex-lovers but has gone astray due to issues between the leads. Both the characters are extremely likable because they tickle your emotional quotient in the right dose. The story is told in a parallel manner with past and present being shown together. It doesn't boast out of the blue storyline yet it engages you because the script is well written in a simple and effective manner. It shows when a simple story even if you have heard multiple times can allure you. For sure, this beautiful dish is supposed to have with all the love which it tries to portray. Don't hope for never seen series yet it is worth the try. coldd lassi aur chicken masala season 2 will come soon.

Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5

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2. Baarish - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

It's really an amazing web series. The chemistry of love will definitely urge you to watch next and then next episodes of this. Sharman Joshi & Asha Negi acted phenomenally. 
You must watch it once. Actually, I want to watch this like 2 or 3 episodes per day but after I started watching the S1 then I realized what I was missing. So, I was very curious to watch S2. And actually, I just completed the whole 31 episodes of the two seasons just in 2 days. I'm seriously eagerly waiting for Baarish Season 3.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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3. State Of Sieger: 26/11 - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

If you want to watch the 26/11 attack of Mumbai closely, then this is the best series that tells that incident well. Artists like Arjun Bijlani, Arjan Bajwa, Vivek Dhaiya have performed their roles well.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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4. Rangbaaz - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

The best cinematography. The best ending to an actual Rangbaaz in an iconic death surrender! Jimmy Shergill pulled off his best performance to date. Rangbaaz is a ZEE5 Original web series set against the rustic background of the Gorakhpur of the 1990s.
It is a series based on the incident that happened in up 
Dat time 
This series reminded me of Gangs of Wassepur 
Liked it 
The people like to watch something beyond romance, family.
It is good

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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5. Code M - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, and Rajat Kapoor as the lead cast, ALT Balaji comes with military drama mystery which is to an extent handled in all honesty.

Jennifer as Major Monica is assigned the case by Rajat which at a superficial level looks like it is the open and shut case but the layers keep getting peeled and she unravels the mystery with her helping hand, Tanuj. A case about whether army personnel has done a fake encounter or not is the overall premise of the story.

The series may not boast of a mystery which is very hard to crack but it is well scripted that you are at the edge of your seat to find the reason behind the drama on screen. The reasons are quite apt and realistic which connects to you well. As said earlier, it is just not about finding the culprit, the beauty lies in how it is presented and makers have achieved it with perfection.

The beauty of the script is every episode ends with a cliffhanger and you are bound to check out the next episode. No unnecessary drama or songs are added which keeps you glued to your screen. Jennifer is brilliant in her given role and she single-handedly shoulders this series without going overboard. Yes, maybe a little extra points I am giving to her as I am a huge fan of her. The rest of the characters too are aptly cast and performed with perfection. The music goes with the narrative which doesn't make it jarring to the ear.

 This 8 episode series is totally binge-watch worthy and you won't repent watching this series. I am waiting for Code M season 2 where Monica handles another case and I watch her with my eyes shining bright.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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6. Hum Tum and Them - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This story is based on the life of two single parents who want to move forward once again in life, in which they have to face a lot of trouble. And how do their children come out of all this? Shweta Tiwari has again kept everyone connected to the screen with her acting and her fans must see it.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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7. Abhay - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This web series is just wow best suspense thriller series. It's a series which you will watch the whole season in one go. the story is really amazing and Kunal Khemu has done a great job. Every episode has something new and interesting twist, in fact, this is worth watching.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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8. The Final Call  - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Series deserves praise for presenting the spiritual side of life. There are so many series wid different themes but displaying spirituality in a well-crafted way without any religious angle is a commendable part of the series.
Neeraj Kabi as a sage in modern times is the linchpin of theme, though Arjun Rampal remains protagonist along with Sakshi Tanwar.

The plane which took off for Sydney from Mumbai is being captained by the ex-defense pilot(Arjun Rampal)with an unstable mind. In the plane along with crew and passengers, there is Astrologer(Neeraj Kabi), who knows the fate of this flight and business tycoon(Javed Jafri) and others whose story covered in flashback.
ATC head (Sakshi Tanwar) coordinating with Captain who also has intelligence history.

Watch for: If you want to understand the larger purpose of this life and spiritual angle along with melodrama(, but you will get connected if you believe in astrology, other life, and soul), then it is a treat.
In today's scenario when we are facing a pandemic of our lifetime, this series can console you, guide you to see beyond the material part of life.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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9. Kaafir - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Kaafir is an intense and series based on humanity. Loved the concept, amazing storyline with so much details and importance given to the human emotions as small as kanaaz and her daughter enjoying their first-ever stay at a hotel, feeling the open sky after 7 yrs. Strong acting by Mohit Raina and Diya Mirza. A must watch.

Kaafir Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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10. Mission Over Mars - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

A series that keeps one spellbound and showcases the passion of the characters. Difficult shots have been cast realistically.
One of the best Indian series I have watched in recent times.
A must watch.

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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11. Mentalhood - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Mentalhood is a series from the banner of ALT Balaji and Zee 5 which tells the story of 5 urban mothers and a dad. Karishma Kapoor shifts from Kanpur to Mumbai and puts her kids to an elite school. The elite school is a world of its own with competition, jealousy, parenthood, problems and whatnot. Karishma befriends these super-rich urban parents who all have their own problems but try to showcase as there is none. Every episode is concentrated on one of the issues which most of the modern generation parents face. Also, the best part about the series lies in how it ends with a lesson for everyone in a simplistic manner. 

Every character has their own problems just not with their kids also in their marriage. It can be easily said the characters picked are a sample size of large population and showcased to us so we get feel connected at least to one of them and it rightly does that job. The actors Karisma Kapoor, Sanjay Suri, Sandhya Mridul, Shilpa Shukla, Shruti Seth, Tilottama Shome, and Dino Morea all are great and you feel they fit into narrative perfectly.

This story may not be the one you could completely connect coming from a middle-class family but it is a treat to watch. I would recommend it for a different style of series which has glitter and gloss of the world which makes it look beautiful and can be tried. 

Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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12. Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This web series is one of Ronit Roy's best Hindi web series. Which is to be seen for his role. How today's relationship is shown to be entangled in it is truly praiseworthy. This story is about another illegitimate relationship of a married man. This is a web series made by mixing all the spices together which people like very much.

kahne ko humsafar hai
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13. Never Kiss Your Best Friend - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

It is an amazing book. It teaches us the real meaning of being the best friend - to be with them in the time of need. Both Sumer and Tanie had wonderful chemistry. One can get jealous after it if they don't have a best friend. The book portraits every view very clearly. One can easily get a picture easily into their mind by reading it once. The book will make you addicted to it.

The ending is quite common like many... But you would never expect it in this story. It will definitely bring tears to your eyes especially to the emotional ones. The book maintained an overall equation of past and present very efficiently. Overall this is amazing.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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14. The Casino - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

If you are a fan of Karan Veer Bohra. So you should see this series, he is making his debut on the OTT platform. This is a Thriller Hindi web series. Which is being liked enough to see it.
the casino season 2 zee5 must wait.

the casino season 2 Zee5
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15. Lalbazaar - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Lalbazaar is a Hindi web series which is the story of an honest and fearless policeman who gives all his time to fight crime. And to what extent it goes. This is a story inspired by the film Singam which is worth watching Lalbazaar season 2 should also come soon. It is also awaited.

Lalbazaar Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5
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Best Hindi Web Series On Hotstar

16. Rejctx - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Zee5 comes up with a series about teenagers who are ultra-rich and modern to the T who are studying in  Jefferson World School, London. 

The series packs love, friendship, sex, drugs, basketball, treasure hunt, short skirts, music, rap battle, cheerleaders anything but no studies in this posh school who all seem to be in a fashion parade. Every cliche success formula has been ticked to make it work.

starts with believed to be the disappearance of the school's popular boy and his girlfriend somehow wants to solve the mystery. The series continuously showcases the past how they reached to present situation. 

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17. Bamfaad - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

Bamfaad is a caricature of an innocent love story that grows gradually and naturally like a lotus grows and blooms in mud. Although Bamfaad is very predictive it is successful in depicting the real world of Small Muslim Gangsters. The music is good!

Aditya Raval Has Not disappointed With His unmatched acting which is surely inherited from his father Paresh Rawal. Shalini Is not New as she has worked in south Indian Movies. She is successful in delivering what she is asked for ....she looks beautiful and sensuous at the same time. Bamfaad is a complete entertainer.

zee5 origanle
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18. It Happened In Calcutta - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This story is about the decade of 60 - 70 in which the war between India and Pakistan is also told. It is a love story based on a young couple who have endured the hardships of that time and their love has been redeemed. This story also shows the politics and epidemic of the time.

it happened in calcutta best hindi web series on zee5
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19. The Chargesheet - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This is a very nice web series as all the characters acted amazingly. This is about the Ruler/King/Politician who is in power never stoop down in front of anyone. They save themselves and walk free despite committing any crime. As we all know that the court requires evidence in order to prove to the accused guilty. In this series, they make cops fool by giving them wrong information. Similarly, cops fail to get evidence. this is a good Hindi web series.

the Chargesheet
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20. Broken But Beautiful - Best Hindi Web Series On Zee5 

This is one of the best Hindi web series I have ever watched. people seriously in love with this one. The characters, the story, the plot everything was just soo on point. This web series is like an addiction that keeps playing on every mind. I can’t think enough of this I mean this gets us actually dreaming and aspiring if this was real life maybe to one of us. Personally, the veer did an amazing job with his character. people waiting for Broken But Beautiful season 3.

broken but beautiful best hindi web series on zee5
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